How does it work?

We are in the middle of a once-in-a-decade technology & platform shift

BOTs are the next gen communication channel to connect with employees

  1. What can you do with Lukit?

    • You have a question?  Just "Lukit" to know the answer
    • Chat with "Lukit" just like how you chat with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, etc

  2. How to start, what is the effort?

    • Share your policies and FAQs and leave the rest to Dlogix
    • Your BOT will be ready in less than 15 days
  3. How do you use Lukit?

    It is as simple as clicking a button

    • Lukit is a small icon on your website
    • Click on the icon to bring it alive
    • Ask a question and get your answer
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What can BOTs do?
  • Play the role of a Personnel Assistant 24 * 7
  • Connect to various HR Systems.  Get you user specific information (Ex : What is my leave balance), update your information in HRIS (Ex : Update my PAN Number), etc
  • Get Reports (Imagine user typing "Headcount report as on date" and within seconds, the reports are ready to be downloaded or e-mailed to them) 
  • Ensure consistent experience and messaging to all employees all over the globe

Why does organization need Lukit?
  • Effectiveness : Reduced people dependency and human intervention
  • Enable and Empower HR : Aid transformation of HR in becoming a Strategic Business Partner
  • Access to Information : At the click of few buttons
  • Engage : Conversations are natural continuing to give the personnel connect
  • Informed HR : Regular pulse check on employee sentiments
  • Cost Savings : Reduced manpower needs

Additional Features
  • Works on Mobile and Laptop
  • Can be integrated with any proprietary website
  • Speak to the BOT if you don't like to type
  • Completely secured with proper authentication and authorization​
Try it now !!